Tell Me About Your Dogs!

Hey folks,

One of my work teams is doing some research on dogs, their play styles, and the toys they play with!

As such, if you guys have ~5 minutes, we would appreciate it if you guys could fill out the survey below.

Survey Link:


Recommendation: Add breed option to describe “None”, “Mutt” , “Unknown”, “Many”, etc.

We own a “beagle”. Said “beagle” weighs 50 pounds, can lick my face standing up. I’m 5’8".

Also please add Australian Labradoodle if you can.

A thought about the toys questions. I wonder if there is a way to keep validity and add a question about durability. My dog has some toys that have lasted for years, yet most toys do not last an hour. With toys she is agressive.

I have a Saint Bernard but I didn’t see that as an option, could you please add that?

Hi folks,

Thanks for those that have looked at and filled out the survey. We’ve received lots of responses already and look forward to analyzing the data.

For those not seeing your breed in the drop down list, just enter it into the freeform field directly after.

I appreciate everyone’s input on this!