Tell me about your P80 failures.


Long-gone alum here ('06 through '08) and survivor of the first Great Banebots P80 Output Carrier Debacle. These days I’ve moved onto other motor-powered things, and one of the challenges for me right now is making a low-cost but powerful linear actuator.

I’m wondering how the P80 these days fare against overdriving. They seem pretty beefy for a CIM motor. I’m planning on using a 12:1 with an Ampflow A28-150 motor. The reason I’m picking the 12:1 is because the pinion will need to be modified to take a 1/2" keyed shaft, and the 4:1 first stage of the 16:1 look too small to do that to. That, and the 12:1 hits my needed push using a 25mm x 5mm lead ballscrew.

What I want to hear is how your P80s died and what you were doing when they did - what kind of device was it driving, etc. Basically, I want to find out if these gearboxes can be torqued to failure from input alone, since the linear motion will tend to reduce the amount of direct torque shock loads it sees relative to e.g. a drivetrain or a pivoting arm.