Tell the difference: 2007 CMU Camera, 2006, 2005 camera?

Has anyone figured out how to tell the difference between the

2007 cameras?

We bought spares each year and know that the 2007 CMU camera is the only legal camera this year. Because the 2006 camera was a custom made IFI part, and the 2007 camera is a COTS part from the IFI website now.

We’ve got 3 or 4 of these camera’s laying here side by side, but can’t tell any marking difference. Thanks if you guys know.

The older cameras have a bunch of servo pins (5 sets of 3-pin males) plus mode headers (6 sets of 2-pin males) at the end opposite the power switch.
The newer camera has the space where they were, but no actual pins.

Ah…thanks…we was looking at silk screening and text features. Thanks for pointing it out.