Tem 11 MURT Pruhsents... Ashish II!!1!!1

MURT is prowd 2 releese its latest creaytion: Ashish II. It waz a lot of werk but we r chreely happy!!

C U en Eyensteyen!!1!1!!!

Impressive robot! What made you choose to use non-circular wheels? They say not to re-invent the wheel but you seem to have done just that-incredible!

i think this robot is beeutifull

Most impressive.

I’m sorry to inform you but pyrotechnics are strictly against the rules.

This needs to die

U joost no wee r gona win eyensteyen! #jelus #notpikinu

Very impressive robot. Thank you guys for making an amazing creation every year and for continuing to inspire the young minds of our generation.

-Dean Kamen

I see you handled the 10th defense with ease. Great job!


More effort was put into this robot and video than I put into 11’s entire 2010 season.

I don’t know what you were expecting when you clicked through a thread titled “Tem 11 MURT Pruhsents… Ashish II!!1!!1” but I really hope it wasn’t a serious robot video.

In my opinion it’s pretty easy to avoid these joke threads if they aren’t your thing.

I thought it would be too but in my tired state I have been scanning for updates in CD-Spy that happen in robot show case and not reading titles.

gr8 b8 m8s i r8 8/8 wuld make me ir8

Given that the can only cost 99 cents, perhaps Thrift Shop might’ve been more appropriate?

You guys totally just ripped off 5254’s vid that was like so 3 weeks ago. Beautiful robot but unbeautiful unoriginal unvideo.

Good robutt

Guys, i know that 254 chose coke, but let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that The Cheesy Poofs don’t know what they’re doing. They know exactly what they’re doing. The Cheesy Poofs are undertaking a systematic effort to change this game, to make Stronghold more like the rest of FRC games

No, it’s a reference to 254’s joke reveal from 2014. 5254 made their’s off of them too. Just a fun team activity we all wanted to do.

These guys are impressed.

Andy B.

See, it’s that SAME 15 second spiel over and over again. That’s what these guys do you, know. These FIRST-ers. They memorize 15 seconds of text about the Cheesy Poofs and use that as a crutch to fall back on when MURT reveals such a killer robot.