Tem 5254 Presents: 5kystalker



Disclaimer: Inspired by 254, we are not 254. This is meant purely as a joke.

Well. I approve…:yikes:

>all vex everything
>andymark whels


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Needs more Kevin.

So much Kevin in this.

For real though, great robot once again from your team!

Best of luck!

All Vex Wheels 10/10 - IGN

Love the video, love the shooter :smiley:

I lost it when I saw #notabenchgrinder and #multipleballs :smiley:

For those who don’t get it, it’s from this thread.



5kystalker VOTY Edition.

Cancel the rest of the reveals folks.

Man, everything about this gives the impression that you guys are a really well established team, it looks great. Have you really only been doing FIRST for 2 years?

These are some of the hardest working kids I’ve ever met, and this whole prototype robot was built with basically a chopsaw, COTS parts, and some ingenuity.

The mentorship of established teams like 639, 1511, 2791, 20, and some alumni from 1676 has been invaluable.

Also VersaFrame is OP #VEXpleasesponsorus

Since the robot wasn’t in view during the shots being made, I can’t be sure it wasn’t a bench grinder shooter.

I like your item: noodle

very compact yet reliable design and great job on the video! Good luck this year~!

Great team. Great looking robot. Great banana.

Good luck this season Raiders!

Not blue enough. SMH