#temNASUH Merch (T-shirt, long sleeve, and hoodies) | Funds Support Covid19 PPE Printing

T-shirts, long sleeve, and hoodies here: https://www.customink.com/fundraising/nasuh

As I’m sure you’re all aware, NASUH is a proud supporter of FRC, CADathon, and even Fantasy FIRST teams. For a limited time, #temNASUH has made merchandise available for the lowest price Customink would let them set with reasonable minimum order quantities.

After these minimum quantities are reached, the campaigns will begin generating funds, which will be donated to a Covid-19 PPE printing alliance in SoCal: https://socalcovidresponse.com/. Several CDers and teams are working with or have donated to the group, so I’m confident in supporting them.

We’re just a few items away from both campaigns reaching their order numbers, so I have high confidence that at least the shirts will be ship. Of course, you’ll be refunded if that’s not the case.




pretty crispy, as the kids would say, “would cop”


4 more people need to buy hoodies so we can reach the 10pc minimum. I want my hoodie!

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make that 3, I want a hoodie too! (haven’t actually bought it yet)

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There’s also a few other peeps that pretty solidly planned to buy a hoodie, so we should be good as long as those get in before the deadline.

If shirts actually don’t reach the order quantity I have a certain Corgi that would fit nicely in a YXS that I’ll pick up.

Currently sitting at 4 of each campaign to ship.


Plan on buying mine later this week, if anyone else was holding out otherwise. Should put it down to 2 needed.

Hoodie transaction complete.


Also putting down an order of a hoodie in the next week or so (ordered!) in addition to the long sleeve I ordered a couple weeks back if that is the reason keeping anyone from copping a hoodie :+1: Should lower the required number of hoodies to print down to 2!

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Make that 0.

EDIT: I got juked, appears there’s one hoodie left until we hit 10.

And with that, both the shirts and hoodies will ship. (and already $70 raised before Custom Ink fees)
Thanks y’all!


Could we have a follow-up product like this:


Last day to order shirts or hoodies! https://www.customink.com/fundraising/nasuh

Both campaigns will ship with items delivering around the 12th of June.