Do you guys know off hand a safe heating temperature for the electronics? including OI and FRC Controller?

Are you asking about parts that were flooded? Remember that contacting IFI for ideas is the best bet. See my posts in the other thread for recommendations.

You mean what heat they can safely work in? If so Ill have to check the PIC datasheet.

I think he means the heat safe for drying it.

I wouldnt try anything like putting them in an oven. Maybe just a warm dry room.

From a related thread:

I know. IFI is helping us out. But we might be able to get a vacuum oven to help why we wait

what is a vacuum oven?
We were suggesting a cooking oven set as low as possible with the door open. I know that my oven minimum setting is 125 degrees and we make beef jerky in the oven at that setting with the door open to the first detent. It gets warm but not hot. I have resurrected several wireless mics (dropped into toilets by unwitting guests) and a few cellphones including ridding the dreaded moisture inside the display.
However, in your case, don’t do this without the approval of IFI. I perform this method on equipment that is essentially dead and I can’t make it any worse. You have a thousand dollars wrapped up in the RC and modem. Let IFI make a choice on what to do.

Lower the pressure and water evaporates/boils more readily. Lower it enough and it will boil at room temp. We did a really cool experiment in one of my chem classes where we bioled water at slightly below room temp by putting it in a vacuum. This is often used in chem labs to dry samples without heating them.

That would work if you were sure that all the parts would survive a vacuum. I am thinking some will and some won’t.

Eww. Who says engineering isn’t a dirty job?

You obviously have never heard the joke that ends with “what?!? and give up show business?”

Sounds like a job for Mike Rowe of Discovery channel’s “Dirty Jobs”

I think thats a fair statement. My mom always told me that if i cook over 200 F that they controls would get burnt and they wouldnt taste right. :slight_smile: