Ten Years of 1014 iBook

Our iBook chronicle “Ten Years of 1014” is now available for free download from the iTunes store. We are working on a PDF friendly version to publish as well (where the galleries are independent photos and the videos are links to the YouTube channel).

It is a record of our first 10 years in FRC, with a few little bits about this season. We have our plan in place now to gather testimonials from the seniors, pictures and video, designs and other information for Ultimate Ascent during the season, through any off-season events. Then next winter the first job of the new Chairman’s team will be to complete the 2013 chapter and publish the update.

We are also planning on using the sample profiles of current seniors, alumni and mentors to engage our alumni base. We want to use this spring to try and get a profile from as many of the former members of 1014 as possible and include these in the update. This will also help fill in our data about what our alumni are doing and how they believe FIRST has benefited them.