Tennessee Kickoff Event Cancelled

Knoxville, TN:

Hello all,

Due to the threat of ice in the surrounding area (and the areas of our teams in surrounding counties), we’ve made the decision to cancel tomorrow’s event to keep everyone safely at home. Thanks for your patience!

In order to get kits to teams, we have the following options:

  1. Sunday Pickup: I will be available from 12-2pm on Sunday in Perkins Hall for pickup.

  2. Monday Pickup: I will be available from 8am - 5pm on Monday for pickup. I will need to know the specific time a team will pickup on this day in order to meet them.

For each team, please email me directly which option you prefer. If you need to send someone other then the designator pick up person, please fill out the form attached in this email and bring it with you to pick up.

Thank you again and please stay safe!

Thanks for getting the word out. I wonder if some of the people who were supposed to present at Kickoff would be willing or able to give their presentations at a Saturday Lunch & Learn.

Are we even having Lunch & Learns this year?

Over and over I heard them last year say they wouldn’t do any, but then I saw them talking about it recently.

Dunno if that’s really the place to hold them, though. We usually aren’t there more than an hour or two.