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Hey creative people,

I need a catchy title for my term paper.

Its a problem-solution paper about terrorism

any ideas?

“I don’t believe in -isms, I just believe in me”

… or however the quote from Ferris Bueller goes …

  • Katie

Destruction and solution

or something better than solution, prferably rymes with destruction

A title usually explains about what is in your paper… try to explain a bit more.

Death and Destruction Reduction

Can I see your paper?


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Assuming your paper is about how to stop terrorism, my suggestion is:

Terrorizing the Terrorist:
How to Stop Terrorism in America (or the world, depending on the scope of your paper)

Sorry, I’m a little partial to colonated (is that a word?) title as its what a lot science/tech papers have. Anyway, just my 2c.

I’m really bad with titles but I feel your pain DJ…off to write my own paper :frowning:

well since it is a problem-solution paper, I have to state the problem (which is terrorism) and I have to come up with a solution on how to minimize or stop it

DJ: What was the solution that you came up with to minimize/stop terrorism?

hehehe… just wanted to share that I have the same misery now. I am working on my senior literature research paper. Agghhh… so frustrating. To show how obsessed I am with my team and robotics in general, I named my paper “Reality is Eighty-Four” As some have become to say, I AM A ROBOT.

Take the context of the paper, and think of a few key words. Put them into Word… and find creative synonyms for the words.

*Originally posted by Bill Gold *
**DJ: What was the solution that you came up with to minimize/stop terrorism? **

well im still working on that

what I have so far:

  1. better law enforcement training

  2. national missile defence system

  3. civilian awarness/terrorist training

  4. develop an International Terrorist SWAT team (ever read Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, well thats basically it)

Plus I go into increasing airline safety and yadda yadda yadda

yeah I know it probably wont work, but oh well

How bout: Stoping Terrorism By DJ Fluck

maybe “Training a Country”


“Cause and Effect: Terror and Response”

i like the first better

luck man

How about, “Imaginary Threat: Indoctrinating A Nation”


Or: “Worldwide Actions Against Terrorism”

D.J., you are so incredibly lazy. You might as well have asked everybody to write part of it for you.

Thanks Joe for blowin my cover :wink:

anyway, the paper is done and this thread may be closed

hint hint :stuck_out_tongue: