Terminal block??????

we are a rookie team and need help with this:
in the image below you can see a pwm cable, the picture shows that the red wire is not used and the white goes to the terminal blocks but where does the black ones go to? and why is the white wire of the pwm cables only connected to the negative charge wires and commands 0 and 1 of the rainbow wires? does it matter where we connect the white wires to or does the terminal block conduct the information and feeds it through out the ports or how does that work?

Also where do we connect the power to the terminal block?

Just a suggestion, I would use the red wire for positive instead of white. If someone who didnt know much about the board saw that, they may get confused and weird things could begin to happen.

Also where do we connect the power to the terminal block?

You should be able to connect the power on the distribution strip directly to your main breaker panel. I would start with a 20 amp breaker.

Good luck,

The ribbon cable in that picture is plugged in the other way from what you’re assuming. Ask any questions you still have after you recognize that the power is at the bottom of the rainbow, not at the top.

The black wires are going to the ground on the circuit breaker panel.

IO actually wired that IR sensor myself. It was at the begging of the season, maybe the second day, so we just used whatever wire we could find that would work. It will preferably be red on the final assembly. Thanks though!