TerrorBytes (4561) Robot Reveal 2017!

Our 5th bot is ready for competition!

We’ll be competing at Pitt County and Raleigh in the NC District and hopefully NC DCMP (and maybe Houston too?). We’ll see you at competition!


This was the reveal I was waiting for. Looking great! Can’t wait to watch the NC webcasts. #teampheonix

Great robot, guys. I’m excited to see it in person at Pitt.

Great clean looking robot! Seems really fast as well

Nice looking robot. Good luck this weekend.


Looks pretty awesome guys, are you using Colsons as shooter wheels?


Yep. We prototyped a variety, and ended up settling on Colsons. Nice extra weight too. Still iterating on the shooter to improve accuracy (and maybe fire rate), but right now we’re pretty happy with the Colsons.

Solid robot as always, I’m excited to see it climb at Raleigh. Good luck at Pitt this weekend!