Tesla Quarterfinal 6 Field Fault

The cargo on the blue side is set up directly in front of one of the feeder stations.

The blue alliance still won though.

I was actually coming here to make the same post. First of all, huge thank you to our whole alliance (2358, 341, and 4590) it was an amazing time with you all. Second congrats to the the 5th seed alliance. You guys kicked butt. As you can see the cargo for the blue alliance all started outside the normal zone. Our understanding is that this would be a field fault, when challenged we were informed that this is the responsibility of our drive team to walk the field and make sure it was properly setup and to tell them before the match starts. (Note we lost the match and that probably hurt them more than it helped them, not blaming this as a part of the loss). We just wanted to get some clarity from the CD community on this situation, especially since that’s the normal spot field reset leaves the balls as robots load on and sandstorm curtains prevent you from knowing the state of the field leading up to the start.

That sounds like a great way to miss the match starting if the FTA/head ref misses you walking on the other side of the field…

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According to the game manual, field reset is not responsible for resetting the field. They’re just volunteers, after all.

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There IS a wave-off if there is an incorrect number of game pieces staged…

AH. Section 5.6, second paragraph, first sentence: An ARENA FAULT will not be called for MATCHES that accidentally begin with an incorrect number of, incorrectly positioned, or damaged GAME PIECES.

However, just telling the team that “it’s your responsibility” is a cop-out. The correct response is along the lines of “I hear and understand you, but according to this part of the manual, it’s not an Arena Fault. We can’t replay that–if we could, we would.”

ALSO: Replays are only if the field fault affected the outcome of the match, and at the request of the affected team/alliance (often assumed)–it doesn’t seem that that’s the case.


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