Tesla's of Indiana need your help! (TIME CRITICAL)

I am a huge proponent of FIRST, and I know that lots of students are inspired by Elon Musk and the products and ventures he is involved in. How often do you see high school and college students admiring a 4-door sedan as it rolls down the road in the way our students admire the Tesla cars?

If you ever have the desire to own ANY Tesla car in Indiana (and possibly other states), your help is really needed to stop these laws that the auto industry is pushing on Tesla!

“For the past two years, other automobile manufacturers and their dealers have attempted to change the law to prohibit Tesla’s direct to consumer model. The groups allege Tesla is operating through a “loophole” in the law and should sell vehicles the same way they do.”

You can visit https://freemarketindiana.com/

The bill was introduced as HB 1592, which will phase out Tesla’s operations by 2019. It is scheduled to receive a hearing in the House Roads and Transportation Committee on Wednesday, February 1, 2017. This is just the first of many steps that the bill must take before it can become law in Indiana.

Please help, if you can, FIRST-ers!

Michigan state pass law… OEMs cannot sell cars!

FWIW, this sort of law can be, and has been, beaten. There is a monastery in the “Florida Parishes” (North of Lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas, between the Mississippi and Pearl Rivers, north to the Mississipi state line, including Slidell, Hammond, and Baton Rouge) which makes simple pine caskets for burial. Until a few years ago, Louisiana law required caskets to only be sold by licensed funeral homes. Of course, none of the licensed funeral homes were ready to re-sell caskets at a tiny fraction of the cost that they could get for commercially produced caskets. There was a lot of friction and legal wrangling and ultimately action by our state legislature, but the price of a casket (if you aren’t concerned that it looks like the pine box that it is) has come way down in recent years.