Tesseract Initiative: "FRC Plus One" Workshops Run by Team Veterans

Northern California teams -

With all the excitement of FRC, sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are so many other cool things to do with the skills it teaches. So if you’re interested in taking what you’re learning on your team and exploring what you could be doing with that knowledge outside of just FRC, check out Tesseract Initiative’s summer workshops!

Full session details and signup links can be found on our website. Please sign up no later than 2 days before the day of the workshop(s) you’re planning to attend to receive key event info. The workshops are not-for-profit but cost $10 each for lunch, snacks, and supplies; accessibility is important to us though, so if this will be a barrier, please let us know. Due to an emphasis on hands-on experience, workshops will not be recorded.

  • 7/28 - Smart Media (AI + Media) at Maker Nexus, Sunnyvale
    Explore the intersections of deep learning and graphic design, and of computer vision and user experience/interface (UX/UI) design, as you learn how to develop code and a branded interface for an object recognition tool of your own.

  • 8/3 - AI / Computer Vision at Arm Inc., San Jose
    Get started with computer vision and object recognition, using OpenCV.

  • 8/4 - Product Development (Mechanical Design + Business) at Maker Nexus, Sunnyvale
    Learn about the process of developing a product and the considerations around it by conceptualizing, prototyping, and marketing one of your own, looking at case studies of real items along the way.

  • 8/11 - Product Development (Mechanical Design + Business) at Hacker Dojo, Santa Clara
    Same as 8/4 (same content, just offered twice)

  • 8/18 - Marketing & Fundraising - tentative (pre-registration available)
    Learn about effective communication and networking so you can get your team out there and keep it sustainable.

  • 8/25 - Kinetic Media (3D animation, graphic design, video) - tentative (pre-registration available)
    Learn how to edit high-quality videos, design compelling graphics, or create 3D models and animation, then team up with peers to make a short film or media piece of your own.

  • 8/31 - Mechanical Design - tentative (pre-registration available)
    Learn or refresh CAD skills by designing a simple item, then preparing your sketch for and fabricating it with a laser cutter, looking at design considerations such as manufacturability or physics principles along the way.

Tesseract Initiative is a soon-to-be nonprofit started by a multidisciplinary coalition of FRC students, alumni, and mentors across Northern CA, designing hands-on, student-driven, in-depth workshops on engineering, technology, art, and design that benefit teams as well as the wider community, which seek to break conventional divides between, synthesize perspectives from, and explore the possibilities at the intersections of diverse disciplines, identities, backgrounds, and locations.

Our workshops are developed and presented by a spectrum of high school and college students in FRC, collaborating with adult mentors, makerspaces, companies, and nonprofits from both within and outside the program, with an “FRC Plus One” approach - grounded in FRC, but incorporating knowledge from beyond its typical boundaries as well, as a bridge between what students learn in the program and what they could be doing with it at a college or industry level. Learn more about us at https://tesseractinitiative.org/

Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions!


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