Tesseract Initiative Summer Workshops 2020

Hi teams! Hope you’re all staying safe and doing well.

Come join Tesseract Initiative for our summer series! Started and proudly run by a multidisciplinary coalition of FIRST students, alumni, and mentors from teams across Northern California, we hope to give back to the FIRST community by inspiring students to apply what they’re learning in FIRST to the world beyond.

We’ll be running hands-on, in-depth workshops on exciting interdisciplinary and foundational topics throughout August and early September, and are excited to be partnering again with teen-run makerspaces Teeny Makerspace and MakeX on some of them.
Check out what we have to offer on our website here!

The workshops will be held safely online, and are free to attend*, with a recommended, voluntary donation of $10 to support our operations and help us continue to build cool programs in the future. (Note that donations are not yet tax-deductible at this time, but we’re working on it.) They’re open to everyone (although designed with middle and high schoolers in mind), not just those in NorCal* and/or in FIRST, so you can pass this on to any others you know that might be interested!

Registration closes 48 hours before the start of each workshop.*

(* The exception to all these is electronics - for that workshop, we’ll providing physical parts for you to pick up and follow along with at home.
So, there’ll be a supplies fee, you’ll need to live within proximity of the San Francisco Bay Area to get the parts, and you’ll need to register by one week ahead on July 24 so we can coordinate that).

This year, we’re teaming up with FRC 2283 Panteras to offer the graphic design section of our Kinetic Media workshop in Spanish, and are working with teams in Asia to set up a session on that topic in Mandarin Chinese as well - we’re working on getting more details up in those languages, but for now you can read more about and sign up for them through the parent Kinetic Media page (in English) on our site - and, we’ll also be offering our business (marketing and fundraising) workshop with live captions!
Depending on how those go, we might consider offering those options for some of our other workshops in the future too.

Note that these workshops are not meant to be strictly oriented towards FIRST, although that doesn’t mean they’re not applicable to it; actually, we hope that what we teach will inspire teams to innovate beyond the typical boundaries of the program.

Tesseract Initiative is a soon-to-be nonprofit working to empower young people with the confidence and skills to address contemporary challenges in innovative ways by synthesizing the strengths of diverse disciplines, identities, and backgrounds. Learn more about us at https://tesseractinitiative.org/.

Hope to see you at our events!


Just a quick reminder we’re halfway through our summer series, so sign up soon if you’d like to attend! You might find our marketing & fundraising workshop next weekend in particular to be helpful as you navigate team sustainability and community engagement during these uncertain times.
Again, signups close around 48 hrs before each workshop’s start time.

If you want to get a sense of what our events have been looking like before you dive in, we’ve been posting updates on our Instagram and Facebook all summer.

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