Test bed Motor Trouble

Our team has a separate testbed with its own roboRIO, PDP, PCM, etc; we are using four properly ID’ed Talon SRXs on both, with miniCIMs on the robot and bag motors on the testbed, however we have a problem where, despite being in the exact same layout with the exact same code, the motor direction is flipped from the testbed to the robot, we have repeatedly ensured that the wiring is correct and nothing has fixed our problem. Have any other teams had a similar problem and/or have advice? As always all help is appreciated,

Is the motor on the robot running through a gearbox?

Why don’t you just flip the wires on the robot motor to make it go the right direction?

Try testing the motor that is flipped with direct battery voltage to see if it is the model motor that is reversed.

If you do decide to “straight power” a motor to sanity check directions, please be aware of the warning at the bottom of page 7 and 8 in the PDP User’s Guide.

Warning: Inductive loads (motor, compressor) must have a power management device (motor
controller, PCM, spike) between itself and the PDP. No inductive loads (motor, compressor)
may be directly connected to the PDP channels as this can damage current sense circuitry.

…so use a battery without a PDP in circuit.

Preferably with at least a 120A breaker in circuit for safety.

Or use last year’s PDP. Also, that should be at MOST a 40A breaker so you don’t melt any wires.

We figured out the the miniCIMs run reverse to the BAG motor, but we would still like to know why that is, there is nothing referring to it on VEX’s website, if anyone knows or knows where to find this information, please let us know, thank you for all your help,