Test Beds

19-inch racks are a fantastic solution for keeping a bunch of hardware together in a compact footprint. It takes up a lot less floorspace in the electronics room than a robot, and can’t slam into a wall or ceiling if there’s a bug in the code.

Not so far.

Power comes from a programmable power supply-- currently an HP 6632a, but we’re looking to upgrade to something like a Keysight N6701C.

The concept is to be able to run automated hardware-in-the-loop tests, and subject the code to any situation it might encounter in competition. So, for example, a test script can deploy code to the RIO, enable it, and then command the power supply to dip to 6 V to test the code’s undervoltage response. We have one of each motor controller that we use and a CANbus monitor to troubleshoot communications. We also have a server (not shown above-- those are old pictures) running eSXI, so we have a VM with windows to run the driver station, an Ubuntu VM with Jetpack to play with the Jetson, and so on. My next project will be setting up something like netem or wanem on a VM and routing DS-RIO traffic through it, to simulate WiFi issues and dropped packets.

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