Test your reflexes

I had someone send me this link. http://members.iinet.net.au/~pontipak/redsquare.html

If someone deams that this should be in games, that is OK with me. I put it here to let drivers test their reflexes and concentration.

BTW my best was 30.285 seconds.
I only have done it once.

I can’t seem to get past the 25 second mark… its fustrating!!

whats the shortest time you can survive(i got all the way done to .127 seconds)

Wow, this is pretty intense. I can only get to 17.359 seconds. When I get home, I’m going to try it using the touch pad on my laptop…

Edit: My shortest time was 0.061 seconds.

i can only get to 10 Seconds, but then again, ive only played this game for 3 minutes

shortest .047 :smiley:

11.136 seconds

Sorry, just did .03 :stuck_out_tongue:

OOps now 0.02 :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont know how you do it. I cant get past 29.5 seconds.

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isnt it the same pattern every time

BTW: Steve, I hate you now :^)

Yeah, it seems the same everytime. I just memorized where to sit for the first 10 seconds. First at the bottom right, then up to the top left until the square comes at about 10 seconds and then move down…it seems like with a few more minute (and an external mouse instead of my touch pad) I could get up to the 25 second mark

whats the shortest time you can survive(i got all the way done to .127 seconds)

I just got down to .1.! (i figured i can’t stay alive for more than 15sec. after 10x trying so why not try to die fatser!

19.282 :slight_smile:

0.0187 :stuck_out_tongue:

32.68! When I get home, however, I will beat it by atleast 30 seconds (After hours of trying)

just for kicks, i managed to get a .016 :smiley: fastest yet.

I made it to 13.239. And then I gave up.
My low was something like 0.158
I find it highly annoying that I can’t make it past the 18 seconds.

Our team was shown this about half way threw build season.

I do believe the programmer is up to 35 secondsish.

Me personally, I can make it to 28

Alson, there’s a pattern to it, learn the pattern and yeah it’s alot easier

By pattern I mean, everytime you play it’s the same.

Uhh… I don’t understand why everyone thinks that this is hard… I got 45.083…