Testing and Using the DriverStation class (java)

Hello all, I would like to do data logging by match, Idealy I pull the match number (DriverStation.getMatchNumber()), but I dont know how to test this, Where can I pass in some match number? say for the sake of testing, I want to be in match 1000, where do I tell the DriverStation that its in match 1000?

My current code looks a bit like this:

Driverstation ds = DriverStation.getInstance();
int matchNum = ds.getMatchNumber;
SmartDashboard.putNumber("match", matchNum);

There is not a way to read the match number without being connected to the FMS.

Bugger, alright, Ill figure out something else.

For testing for now, you could just make a place in your code to increment the string, then at least you can work with/use the value. Then at competition it should be as simple as just uncommenting the code you have now.

Getting so used to getting the gamespecificdata string—increment the integer*