Testing our Robot (pics)

Here are a few pictures from team 2062 while testing the robot after week 3. Modifications are being made on week 4

very nice, we are doing something kinda like that.

How fast can that monster go up and down?
We almost did something like that but were concerned about speed.

I can’t give you the actual seconds until we go back to work on it. But we did discover that you need to make sure that all the frames are true and square when reassembling otherwise you get binding and it slows the process down.

We have tweaking to do and making it look nicer for our sponsors.

We were also 20 pounds under weight when these pictures were taken.

awesome, its really cool to see teams come up with similar solutions to the same problems, it truly shows that the concepts being developed are in the right direction.

once we get the forks on our lift I will post a pic of our bot.

Awesome, looking forward to see your robot!

are you going to hurdle, or just posses and run around?

the plan is to do both


As indicated by Guntank, we should be able to accomplish ALL aspects of the competition this year. Frankly, we may not be the best with all aspects of the game. Others may/will surpass us in elements as they focus on just one area. BUT we believe that we will be very competitive regardless of our alliance makeup and what others bring to the table. We will be able to hurdle, posses, run around with ball, return ball to rack. I also believe that our programming team will have a few surprises this year.

Speed is the name of the game this year, we are aiming to lift the trackball rather quickly to either place or hurdle, and also the drive train has been designed purely based upon our center of gravity to give us the most beneficial traction while accelerating forwards, and ‘lack’ of traction while turning to give us a great turning radius while whipping around those corners. Once the fine tuning has been accomplished, as Sunshine had mentioned we might not be the best at a specific area of the game as other robots may be specialized in, however we will be able to accomplish all tasks within a rather quick manner.

Very proud of my team this year.

Perhaps after the shuttle has been tweaked, possibly a working video of the lift and drive?

wow looks fun…
its good that you’re going for all aspects and i like how you understand that the bot wont be good in everything, however that will be a good bot

(but what do i know? im only a rookie)

Hey don’t underestimate yourself, we were all at one time or another rookies, in fact my entire team last year were new comers to this foundation called first. Just want to wish ya a happy 2008 season, and hope you have many more to come!