Testing Plastics

The issue is more of the amount of dirt and grime on it – I agree with marshall, it distracts from the posts a lot

you have no idea…


Starting to come together. Ran into some problems -needed to split the input stack plus put the wrong sun on it. so that has been fixed. There was too much in the way to assemble it properly I might also have to make a slight change on the carrier to make it safer- dont have to but I will as - why not if you got a better idea. Its not like someone is breathing down my neck with a deadline lol

Uploading it to grabcad too so everyone can have a look who wants to - It are inventor drawings and STLs. School uses inventor so robotics uses inventor so I do. No other reason Will post the link later as it will take some time to upload it

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Ok this is the link for those interested


some progress

Closeup output side shows the sunk in Nylock nuts

Input side without carrier

Sideview 5mm clearance between rings

The 4 holes of the output sun are just big enough to line them up with the sunk in ones of the input sun to…

Drop in the M3 bolts and allow access for the allen wrench to

attach this input stack with the 3 different input options

wonder if when its all put together with planet carriers and all this 276:1 setup will back drive. I doubt it - at least not by hand.

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Couldnt resist to just stick a hand drill in it lol - Hopefully shakes a little less when its mounted properly


In case anyone is wondering why a break in updates…

Well I kinda messed up. In my attempt to go for better accuracy I figured I make the holes slightly undersized and then drill them out. Now I do pretty well with the slide rules which is inventor now adays and can wield a slicer and printer and school is still closed and so no access to the drill press so Idrilled them out by hand … bad idea as if you are all thumbs like me trying to enlarge a hole with a battery powered hand drill… well I am reprinting a lot of pieces and take the opportunity to make some of them more assembly friendly. Compound planetaries frown about having the planet stacks resemble the leaning tower of pisa and righting them ---- well it went so well that I am reprinting quite a few pieces now with the holes so the bolts push through without drilling them out and maybe take a slight hit with a little loss in accuracy there instead of what I caused with my mechanical “handywork”


I just got some IRS2183 and will get on that task as soon as I got the arduino stuff going. Used the donations here and bought some arduino stuff So I got a TFT touch screen connected to an UNO and that talks to the Mega and I got some shields pc breadboards and headers to mount it to the mega that will do the heavy lifting. he The control will work something like this (Its difficult to hold the phone, watch what you video and hit the screen at the right spot lol)
So that has become quite a software project too.

Oh and here the gearbox is running nice now

Just to say - I am still working on it


The new keyboard’s looking really nice!

Also, that’s really smooth; looking forward to seeing what comes out of this project!