Testing the new TheBlueAlliance/First Events data

Since TheBlueAlliance and the First Events API released the match breakdown this year, I’ve been eager to get my scouting program up and running for this year’s new data.

Of course, there aren’t any events yet so there is not data that I’m aware of.

Does anyone know if TheBlueAlliance’s API has a way to test the data for the new season yet or do we have to wait until a real match is played using the FMS?

Links to what I’m talking about:
https://frcevents2.docs.apiary.io/#/reference/match-results/score-details and https://www.thebluealliance.com/apidocs/v3

For most 2020 specific stuff you may be out of luck until the official week 0 happens, which did have data uploaded to the FIRST/TBA API. I personally don’t know of any test data that FIRST or TBA releases.

There is no test data provided, other than results from the official week 0 competition (2020week0 in the API).

If you are running your own development instance of TBA and want to play with the data, that is definitely something you can do but you’ll save yourself the effort by just waiting. From the admin panel, you can create a fake match at /admin/event/{{event_key}}#tasks and then edit the breakdown as needed.

That being said, if you’re just trying to make sure a scouting system or something is properly calling the data, I’d practice with 2019 data (making sure you know how to get the data you need) and adjust the field names for 2020, then run a quick, probably easy test once the week 0 data is released.


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