Testing Your 2016 Robot With Simulation?

I have a date saved for the first webinar in a web series we are doing related to 3D printing robotic parts and using simulation (FEA) to test them for failure during operation. This is how many engineers work every day on manufactured products to produce a usable design.

The day is February 16th at 2PM EST. I know some of you have school/work so I will try to record it and post it online for everyone as well. Feel free to ask questions during the webinar! To sign up please visit the link here for the GoToWebinar registration:

Anyone can join the webinar. I will be using SOLIDWORKS Simulation in this case but if you have INVENTOR or Creo the same principles apply with those respective packages.

Some simulations I will be running:
-Stress and deflection on a 3D printed climbing hook
-Strength of a 3D printed motor mount
-Deflection of a beam and winch that is holding the entire robot aloft

I will also be posting additional content from the web series here on this thread:http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=143147

If you have any questions please ask!