Tether Cable crap-o-la

On the 2004 RC and OI, why is it that IFI decided to make the Tether ports on both units male? I mean, even the old 2003 garbage didn’t require you buy new cabling. There are a lot of things about the contents of these kits that seem somewhat as if “they” want you to buy more of their new parts… Oh well, anyone know what’s up with this stuff?
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I would assume that IFI did this to reduce the likelihood of someone hooking the tether port up to something other than another tether port. There’s power running over that tether cable and if it gets plugged into the wrong thing (like a laptop) it could do damage.

“They” didn’t do anything to make you buy more of their new parts. All you should need is a gender changer from Radio Shack. Everything I have seen from IFI leads me to believe that every decision they make has good reasoning and intentions behind it.

Also, what do you mean by “2003 garbage”? IFI’s control systems are some of the most sophisticated RC controls available, and they are extremely well designed.

I don’t know about you guys, but we got the right cable in our kit.

It is annoying though. And why not just have the dipswitches on each controller? That would be much easier, and worked just fine for the past years.

You still need to tether either way. Doing it this way saves IFI the cost of putting dip switches on each unit, which can add up. Personally I think the new way of setting the team number is simpler and much more elegant.

Well, theres nothing (that I can see) forcing you to buy anything from IFI. Now if referees penalized you for using “non-red” tether cables … that would be awful suspicious. :wink:

All teams should have been supplied with the RED tether cable in their kit. This is a F-F DB-9 cable, something available at many computer stores. If you’d like to make a longer cable, I would think that a M-F extension cable on the end of the red tether cable should suffice (I haven’t personally tried it yet).

Dave Flowerday is absolutely right. Innovation First did this most likely to prevent teams from damaging their control system by accidentally plugging in the wrong cable. How many times last year did your team need to tether in the pits and download new code, only to hand the cable to a helpful team member who subsequently plugged the cable into the wrong port because it fit?

Innovation First makes outstanding equipment, and there is rationale for everything that they do. They set a standard that almost all other companies fall short of. Thanks to all the guys at Innovation First!!!
We (Team 5) appreciate your talent and equipment (despite ripping a port off of our RC last year - we didn’t mean it, really!).