does the tether port output a serial signal?

The tether port is undocumented. One thing is certain, you should not connect it to your computer. I would guess that yes, data to and from the RC and OI travel in a serial fashion. However, there’s also some high voltage pics in there which carry 12V. I wouldn’t play with it :cool:

the signal between the RC and the RC radio is RS-422 - which is not the same as a standard PC serial port (RS-232)

there is no indication of what interface spec the tether cable uses, If I had to guess, I would think it over-rides the RS-422 to the radio with a similar interface.

Maybe the best question is, why do you want to know? you can already tether the RC to the OI, and you can already link debug data to your PC with the download cable, so what function are you trying to accomplish by connecting something else to the tether port?!

If anyone finds any documentation on it it would be greatly apreciated

Notice how deftly he side stepped the question? :cool:

New question, has anyone tried tethering their bot with the old operator interface? I want to create something smaller than our controll board just for tethering to release us from the bar. I dont know if the tether ports are the same and I dont want to fry anything.

I suspect the tether ports indeed are the same, but it wouldn’t work anyway. The data format isn’t the same this year, and IFI makes it clear that an old OI won’t work with a new RC.

actually, the tether ports are not the same. in previous years the OI and RC used a male to female connector, and this years tether is a female to female connector, which i must add in the heat of competition, is more convenient so you dont have to waste 30 seconds switching the cable…