Does anyone know where I can purchase a Tether to connect the VEX controller to the the control module? I have the ones that come in the kits, but I would like the long ones that are required at the practice fields.

wal mart sells long telephone handset cords…is that what you mean?

I got a 25ft cable for $1 at a dollar tree.

Will regular tethers work for the VEX robot or do they have to be some special cord?

The tether cable for Vex is the same as the wire that runs between a corded phone and the base. It’s narrower than a regular phone line. Its a standard cord that should be availible at any electronics store.

Hey!!! what is the distance between the floor & the bottom of the chassi
& the floor & the bumppers supose to be

umm…i believe you’re in the wrong thread!? do you mean the bumpers FRC robots are required to have?

if you want to know the distance between the floor and you’re chassis it can be anything you want as long as some form of movement is involved (or one of my crazy ideas in FTC was to build a giant stationary arm that could reach anywhere on the field, didn’t have the parts :frowning:

…the wire that runs between a corded phone and the base…

This should be reworded into “the cables that run between phone handsets and the cradles of (non-“Princess”) phones that don’t have almost all of their circuitry embedded in the handset”. That cable is different from the cable that runs from the cradle to a wall port.

i learned that the hard way!! no practice at the comp. for me, what type of cable is this!?

I think that is the wire that connects the headset and the base of the phone and not the base to the wall…right?:yikes:

You didn’t get a cable? We handed out free tethers to every team in the Ontario competition.

Hey, why don’t you send me his tether. :smiley:

I don’t think he’ll mind…:smiley:

Just playing with ya Andy.:wink: