Tethered connection to the robot?

Since the wireless wont be available at the competition. What changes do I need to make?

I believe it is:
Ethernet Port 1: To cRIO Ethernet Port 1
Ethernet Port 2: Laptop (IP: 10.xx.yy.6/ Gateway: 10.xx.yy.4)

Can someone please confirm this?

The Driver Station ethernet ports are functionally interchangeable (assuming neither has failed). The only change you should need to make is to set the wireless security on your WGA600N according to the instructions you will receive at the regional.

Alan, I believe what the poster is asking is how to set up their system for tethered operation for testing at their event.

As Alan said the DS Ethernet ports are interchangeable, but you are correct that one port goes to your laptop and one goes to the cRIO’s Ethernet Port 1.

As I said, the only change for a regional event should be to the WGA’s configuration. Tethering will work exactly the same as it already does.

This is correct, at the regional you’ll be given a sheet that has instructions to enter your unique WPA code. Makes sure your system is configured in accordance with FIRST Configuration guide. FMS will verify that all WPA keys have been seen by end of Practice day, just like inspections need to be done.

Some of the issues we saw at Suffield included people with their own configurations in their bridges, people leaving their dongles screwed on … tight (and no one had a screw driver) and robots coming out on the field with dead batteries.

DON"T BE THAT GUY! :slight_smile:

Good Luck everyone!

Thanks guys, exactly what I was looking for.