Tethered operation unsuccessful... =(

Our team is trying to go through the basic motor control tutorial, but can’t get our motors to work. We’re stuck at the simple motor control vi deployment.

  1. Our program is correct, afaik.
  2. The code pushes down to the cRIO successfully.
  3. The LEDs on the cRIO are all on.
  4. The digital sidecar’s LEDs are all green.
  5. The Jaguar continues to flash yellow/orange.
  6. The motor does not move.

Any advice? Is our sidecar dead? I’m pretty sure our cRIO is working fine as when we log into driver station it indicates there’s communication and also the VI deploys onto the cRIO fine.

Is the RSL on solid with a brief flash every 2 or 3 seconds?

Robot enabled from the Driver Station?

Sorry, what is the RSL?

Also, we’re going through this tutorial:

I didn’t know we had to have driver station on when doing this, as we’re running the VI through Labview. Correct me if I’m wrong (and I probably am.) =(

(I’m gonna feel real silly if I have to have driver station running at the same time. =P)

Also, what should the lights be on the Jaguar?

:slight_smile: Oops.

Yes, the robot will not do anything without the Driver Station application enabling it. Safety you know.

I run the Driver Station application on my programming laptop while I’m debugging LabVIEW.

RSL stands for Robot Status Light. It’s labeled on the Digital Sidecar right beside the white wago 12v power connector.
In competition we also connect a big yellow repeater light and call that the RSL, too, but it just echos what the little green light on the Sidecar does.
It tells us when the robot is disabled or not connected to the Driver Station (fast blink).
When it’s connected but disabled (slower blink)
When it’s in Autonomous (solid)
When it’s in Teleop (long on/short off blink)

The Jaguar lights will blink if there’s power, but the robot is disabled (or not communicating).
Will be solid yellow if enabled and in neutral
Will be blinking or solid green if going forward
Will be blinking or solid red if going in reverse

There are also some blinking error codes if something goes wrong.