Tetra Parts

Where can I order the plastic clovers to create more tetras?

Please search the forums before you post.

Anway here is where you can buy them:

Has anyone had any luck finding some material to make their own cloverleaves for the tetras? I’ve tried two different kinds of plastic I had lying around–one was too flimsy and the second was too brittle and snapped.


FIRST reccomended using Lexan

[edit] keep in mind there is a difference between Polycarbonate (AKA Lexan) and Acyrlic. Acyrlic may look the same, but it is extremely brittle and will crack and snap

You should see if you can find LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) which is what FIRST used. It is a very flexible material, but pretty tough.

I just cut up a whole bunch of the clovers using a power scroll saw. A bandsaw would also do a fine job. Beats the heck out of $4 a pop from IFI.


I have water-jetted out hundreds of them so if anyone is interested in getting some,probably for free, feel free to contact me. I also put them in the CD-Swap and made some 4-leaf clovers if you want to make the middle goal out of them too.

We made some today, using the leftover 1/4" HDPE from the ramp from two years ago (and last year’s platform). I think it will hold up better than the LDPE they use. We’ve already noticed one of their LDPE clovers starting to rip. Using a good band saw, I was cutting out clovers from the HDPE about one every 2-3 minutes.

Thats the same stuff that we used on the water-jet and it made 500 in 30 minutes

500!! Well, if I had a water jet… Don’t get me started!! So I guess your ready to make ~ 40 goals/tetras!

I am confused about the parts used to assemble the tetras and goals.

Do all of the goals AND game piece tetras used on the FIRST playing field use the pipe nuts to hold the them together or is this only the goals? Will the game pieces in the competition have PVC end caps, as per the schematics provided for teams to make their own playing fields?

Someone please clarify!

Yes, I think they all use the same hardware. As far as I have been led to believe… I think in the actual competition they are as the schematics say.