Tetrix Motor w/o Gearhead

Comsewogue Team 1751 wanted to see just how fast a Tetrix motor could spin a 4" wheel without the gearhead.
With enough speed the Tetrix tread expands like a rubber band and comes right off the wheel.


That was dangerously funny. How long did it spin at top speed for before throwing the tread?


And… I just got weird looks from family for laughing as hard as I did. Note to self - GEARS!

If only there was enough torque to propel a robot up the tower at than speed :yikes:

gear it down just a little…

Wow. I just got the same look from my family!

Hmmm, now you are getting close to our design, but you have to have the magic tread:)

Just a second.
I used my Blackberry to record it and started it before power was applied. I guess it was a little slow to record.

It was weird to watch the tread expand and float away from the wheel…

All speed and little torque.

Similar to the phenomonon that dragster tires go through during their burnouts.
This is also why many land speed cars stop using rubber tires above a certain speed.