Texas Cup - June 14th-17th 2021 @ Alamodome - Safety and Covid Discussion (Split)

This will be the split thread for safety and covid in regards to the Texas Cup and extended discussion. With so many of the posts being split a new thread must be created instead of a split thread. (posts moving over soon).

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I have conflicted opinions about this one. June is three months from now. On the one hand, if the vaccine rollout continues as it’s going and we don’t get any more curveballs we could be good to have a ~150 person event by then. On the other hand, we could just as easily be right back in it by then.

I think it’s a good thing to be planning events in case the future is kind. But it should be clear that holding the event is conditional and there is a chance the event will have to be cancelled and what happens in that event.


Sir, this is Texas.


Notably, much of the Texas government has decided to consider COVID effectively over (although the numbers don’t quite agree).

As a result, the state government (and municipal government) would be extremely unlikely to give out the policy direction to cancel this event. That being said, the venue and hosts may choose to cancel at a later date.

I say this as someone who was born, raised, and went to high school in Texas: remember, it’s called the Lone Star State because that’s the yelp rating.


They didn’t consider it, they declared it.


Same energy tbh

oml I forgot how full of themselves some politicians are: “…to seize the opportunities our state has to offer.”


Exactly my point. If we as a community decide that we want to be informed by the science and not politics, we need to be clear on how we will determine when it is truly safe to hold events again, and what we will do if we schedule an event that cannot be safely held. That may mean listening to the local authorities if they show that they are following the science, or it may require the event planners to honestly make that determination themselves. But any event that isn’t willing to cancel itself if it can’t be held safely is at risk of becoming a super-spreader event and getting people infected and killed.

I trust that the FIT planning committee has the best interests of everyone in mind and wouldn’t endanger event attendees if they felt the situation was not safe. But it’s important that they communicate that publicly and disclose what the contingency plans are in case the event can’t take place as planned.

Sports in Minnesota have been going since Jan. (Basketball and Wrestling). Our Governor Just increased large indoor events to 500 ppl. We will be seeing more non FIRST supported events happening this spring and summer.

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You are obviously referring to the Yelp rating for something other than the BBQ :wink:


Covid guidelines aside, I’m personally excited to see more matchplay and scout of course! :grinning:


Just wanted to add that your ~150 person approximation assumes (only) 19 FRC teams (I’d expect this to be higher since that’s only 13% of available teams and makes for a pretty long 2+ days of qualification matches), 0 staff/volunteers and ignores the FTC competition happening at the same time.

I didn’t see how many teams they plan to have attend so I was trying to be conservative. A more normal ~30 team event would probably be at least 270 people (not including the associated FTC event).

I take it you won’t be joining us next week? :wink:

On a more serious note, wouldn’t requiring all attendees to be vaccinated/tested negative alleviate some of these concerns, allowing the event to take place?

I assume things are better in Israel, but in the US if you wanted to run an event with everyone there vaccinated you will probably have to run it in a senior living facility, because I don’t know anyone under the age of 18 (or even 21) vaccinated here.

For testing, that could work but finding rapid tests isn’t the easiest (at least from what I heard).


Infinite Recharge 3, grandparents strike back. I’d watch a bunch of grandmas and grandpas try to drive and operate our robots. What could possibly go wrong?


This is highly variable depending on where you live. I’m fortunate to live in a state full of sovereign Native American nations who have been kind enough to share their excess supply. I know lots of teens getting the vaccine, and it’s been available statewide for teachers for a few weeks before that.



Woah. Yeah, that’s very true, I’m from the northeast for context.

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If you will check out the event page one of the reasons FIRST HQ has sanctioned the event are the extensive Covid protocols that are being implemented. One interesting item to note: In terms of number of attendees each team is limited to: 6 student team members and 2 adult mentors. No one else will be allowed entrance to the venue other than volunteers, event, and venue staff.

Here is the link for anyone interested in reading up on the short answers regarding protocols to protect teams and students.

Remember, in Texas the mask mandate has been lifted and it is now up to local government to make decisions for their communities. Our schools are all over the place in regards to the mask question. Several larger districts have already dropped their mask mandates while others are keeping it in place to the end of the school year.

All in all I am excited that this may happen. The hosts have indicated that this event could be cancelled if we see a large upsurge in positive cases and with it being scheduled in June that gives us time to see how all this is going to play out.