Texas District IR@H Scoreboard

I wanted to see how the teams in the Texas District would stack up if they were placed as a group for the IR@H skills competition.

I simplified the actual computed scoring a little. It simply looks at the max and min scores in an event. The best score gets a computed value of 150. The worst score gets a value of 50. The rest of the scores are linearly distributed between the two. I took out the outlier adjustments so this is not totally official and the way the scores were computed per the manual. I did this for two reasons. 1st I didn’t like the way that some teams won three of their events and were still in second place. 2nd and probably more important is it was easier and I didn’t have to do any real programming and could do it on a spreadsheet. In this data set there were not any huge outliers that would cause one event to become too overweighed, so I think this approach gives a good indication on how teams stacked up. If anyone wants to go through the full algorithm in the manual feel free, but I suspect the results will be similar.

The full results can be seen here. Click on the Texas Tab.

The Top 25 with the computed scores are below:

Rank # Team Total
1 148 Robowranglers 450
2 2468 Team Appreciate 445.9738617
3 118 Robonauts 442.8550963
4 3310 Black Hawk Robotics 439.7880544
5 2687 Team Apprentice 432.3670013
6 5414 Pearadox 431.9701157
7 624 CRyptonite 429.9370433
8 2582 PantherBots 427.3247638
9 1477 Texas Torque 426.3146017
10 4063 TriKzR4Kidz 414.0412562
11 7121 Keller Fusion Robotics 399.7316246
12 1296 Full Metal Jackets 399.3341131
13 6377 Howdy Bots 399.0977812
14 4206 Robo Vikes 398.5594833
15 3847 Spectrum -?? 394.4328707
16 4639 The RoboSpartans 390.2689538
17 3802 ?RoboPOP? 390.0343232
18 2714 ?? BBQ ?? 386.4438621
19 5411 RoboTalons 385.7146409
20 8580 Jayton J-Bots 383.9413675
21 4295 Hudson Robotics 381.1888123
22 5427 Steel Talons 379.7915577
23 4192 Flower Mound Tech Club Jaguar Robotics 377.7270625
24 418 Purple Haze 369.7485839
25 231 High Voltage 356.5030051

I used the data from @GregBilletdeaux latest IR@Home All Scores spreadsheet posted here.

When I initially posted I did not have my VLOOKUP set to absolute so if a team was not playing it went to the next team with the closest number. So there were some obvious errors. I think I have everything corrected now. If you see something that is off let me know.


After looking at the data and results It does show where there might be some need for the outlier rules that the official manual has in place. In my opinion powerport scores are undervalued and hyperdrive is overvalued on this list . If I have some free time this evening I will try to rework this list with the official method from the manual and see if it corrects that.

It’s very competitive here… The top scores are within a couple points of each other. It’s great to be up there with 2 of our fellow Katy teams that we share a stem center with (Congrats to 4639 & 5427)!

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