Texas Mentor Match

Many of the Texas FRC teams have joined forces to help raise the bar for teams in need of mentoring.

**Part 1: Mentor Match **
This is a google spreadsheet which matches veteran teams to teams in need of mentoring.
(this is currently not public… contact us if you want access)

**Part 2: Support Line **
This is a email and phone number for teams to contact if they need support.

We need help from the veteran Texas teams to make this work !

**Veteran Mentor Steps **

  1. Exchange contact information with Teams at Kickoff (most important)
  2. Spread the word about mentor match
  3. Contact us to let us know who you are mentoring or if you need mentoring

This is the 1st year this concept has been attempted, so please feel free to suggest improvements or ideas.
Hopefully this concept can scale to other regions, so feel free to copy !

P.S. many teams in Texas are not on CD, so we need your help to physically talk to other teams !

Andrew and I are both on the call list for the support line so if teams want to call they will ring our phones at the moment. We would love to have other experienced mentors help with this as well.

We know that problems come up at all times, and we are open to answering at most times. You can also leave a voice mail if we are all busy and we will try to return your call quickly.

You can sign me up for the support line. If you or Andrew don’t have my cell, I’ll PM you.

This is a great Idea!!! The Devastators have been searching for a veteran team to mentor us. Is their any where we can sign up?

We like to consider ourselves a Texas team haha :). Is it still possible for us to participate if we need help?

Andrew and Allen…

Please put me on your spreadsheet as a mentoring resource, additionally we have students and mentors on 3481 Bronc Botz eager to help other teams.

We especially like it when teams in need take the time to travel to our shop in Helotes for some help. But we’re here to help anyway we can through phone calls or email.

Michael Blake
[email protected]

This is Anna Maria with team Factor G 116 FRC 5287 in Orange, TX. Allen has been a great help to my team and we definitely need mentoring.

I can help out. I’ll PM you my contact information. We are in the DFW area.

Thanks for setting this up!

You can add me and our team for the Austin/Central Texas area. I think you have our contact info, but if not, let me know, and I’ll send it to ya.

We are looking for Week 1 updates from all Texas teams in need of assistance.

Please post a brief update of any teams you might be working with in Week 1. We need Texas teams to step up and talk to your neighbor.

The biggest areas of need are McAllen, Dallas, Lubbock, El Paso and San Antonio

If you know of the status of any team in that area, please send us an email , PM , or post it on this thread.

If you ever have a question, feel free to give us a call or email.

Team 4063 is located in Del Rio, between San Antonio (150 miles) and El Paso (425 miles). We are not the most experienced, but we are more than willing to help teams in need of assistance. Please let me know if we can help in anyway.

Mr. B.

If there are teams that need some hands on help in the Dallas area we can be there! In particular, we have lots of extra support for electrical and programming(LabVIEW) issues.

Also, FRC3005 is lucky to be pretty well stocked incase some teams need a few extra parts to get their robots working.

PM for contact information!