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In June, Scott Rippetoe and I begin holding zoom sessions with mentors from around the state. In addition to keeping in contact with mentors and volunteers from around the state, we have been able to have presentations and discussions on specific topics as well. We are limiting the live sessions to Texas mentors/volunteers only but we will continue to add videos to the playlist. If you are a Texas mentor and would like to join us feel free to message me.

We have archived all the videos on this playlist.

Here is the list of topics and links to specific videos
August 10th - 7pm (central)

July 27th - 7 pm (central)

July 13th, 7 pm (central) - Controlling Motion with smart motor controllers

June 29th, 7 pm (central) - Designing the Robot Together


These have been excellent so far to attend. Thanks for helping to organize and run them!

@jaustinpage is such a nerd. I miss him dearly.

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Texas Mentor Talk 8/24/20 - Java Programming Simulator & Spectrum 2020 Code Walkthrough

Video -

Intro to Java Slides -

Intro to FRC Programming Slides -

Spectrum 2020 repo -


This series has been so helpful and informative during the pandemic. I’ve made a lot of great connections. I appreciate how those in the talks are providing their resources/content for the rest of us as well.


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