Texas Mentor Workshop 2022

If you’re a Texas Mentor but not in the Texas Mentor slack then:

  1. Join us there! https://tinyurl.com/TXmentorSlack
  2. I want to make sure you’re aware of the Texas Mentor Workshop that will be hosted on June 24th and 25th! Register and let us know what you want to talk about so we can be sure to have some information together.

RSVP for the Texas Mentor Workshop 2022, June 24th and 25th hosted at Spectrum’s Robotics Lab. We have had great success with this workshop in the past and we are excited to meet even more mentors from our community. The goal of the workshop is to get more Texas mentors to know each other and learn from each other. We cover a wide range of topics from mechanical, electrical, programming, and many non-robot general FRC team topics as well. Even if you are a veteran mentor we would love for you to come as well to provide your insight and experience to the many young mentors that will be in attendance.

  • Location - Strake Jesuit College Preparatory - Agee Hall - 8900 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX, 77036
  • Friday, June 24th (1 pm-7 pm)
  • Saturday, June 25th (9 am - 5 pm) - Lunch will be provided but feel free to bring snacks, etc.
  • Hosted by: @AllenGregoryIV (3847) @ahartnet (5414), and @Mr_Rip (1477)
  • Cost: Free
  • Sign Up: http://mentorworkshop.spectrum3847.org/

Hope to see you there!


If you’re attending there’s a spot to add suggestions on what to talk about. But even if you can’t attend, I’m sure we’ll welcome input on topics to discuss!


Will any of these session be recorded for people for are unable to come?

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It doesn’t work well to record them, we’ve tried in the past. None of the content is really new and is available in other video forms in better places.

It’s very conversational so we’d need to mic everyone in the room and can’t do that well. Also, some people are less likely to participate, ask questions, etc when they knew they are being recorded.

We will release the slides we make after the workshop.

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Soo what if your not a Texas mentor, but like to drive?


You’re welcome to come, I’m personally not sure it’s worth the drive from out of state but we have had people make long drives before and they have enjoyed it.

To add on to what Allen said:

  1. yes totally welcome
  2. probably won’t be anything revolutionary said here, and if there is I’m sure it’ll be shared in this thread afterwards
  3. Itd probably be really easy to host one for mentors in your state! I think knowing that the Texas mentor workshop inspired other areas to do the same thing would make me really happy. If that means you come down here first to convince yourself it’s manageable then come on down, haha.

Really, you just need:

  • a venue
  • a couple of experienced mentors that will help guide/lead conversation when people aren’t sure what they want to discuss
  • a few experienced mentors that will share their lessons learned
  • mentors that want to come to learn about about something

We’re thankful for everyone that came out to the workshop this past weekend!

Here’s a link to the slides used for the weekend: Texas Mentor Workshop 2022 - Slides - Google Slides We’ve added a slide at the end with links that came up during our discussion.


Reviving this to say we just re-did this workshop to 35-40 mentors in the Dallas area and are aiming to do this again in San Antonio Aug 20 and 21st. You can sign up for the San Antonio one here

Thanks to FiT for sponsoring the Dallas one - they provided pizza and subs for lunch which were much appreciated.

I know I’ve said this in other messages above - but this really is a pretty low effort - high reward activity. I got a chance to network with several mentors I don’t normally get to chat with for long or at all in the high stress environment of a competition. It was a couple of hours at most to put together the slides, a little bit of effort finding a venue (thanks to the generosity of Spectrum for Houston, 6369 for Dallas, and soon to be https://www.techportsa.com/ for San Antonio), and a weekend of just sharing your experiences. A first time doing a new one could even just be one day instead of two. We had plenty of times where it was discussion amongst the participants and not just Allen, Scott, and me lecturing.


It was a great workshop!

Thanks y’all so much for taking the time!


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