Texas Off-Season Event

As I stated in the LSR thread, I think it would be great to organize an off-season event for LSR teams. However, I don’t know how much interest there is, or how to go about doing this. I suppose to begin, just post if you are interested or not, and any ideas you have. From there, we can begin organizing this thing.

Team 1480 might be interested. We are sponsored by MAES (Mexican-American Engineering Society) and they are talking about setting up a demo/competition with some of their other robots. Might be good to get some other teams in on it. Not sure of much of the details, but I believe I heard they were planning for maybe October time frame as a recruitment tool.

I’ll note that having an off-season competition sometime in September or October wouldn’t be terribly wise. This is BEST season, and I’m not certain you’ll get near so many takers for teams attending or interested schools without FIRST teams.

Maybe some of the teams who remember the LRS off-season events in the past could provide some information regarding when and what.

That could be used as reference tool.

We will pass that info along to our sponsors. It could be they want to keep it in house anyhow.

Hrm, perhaps I should be clearer in my intent. I suppose “off-season” is the wrong term for what I’m thinking of. What I think would be helpful is a “pre-season” or “scrimmage” event, after kickoff, before ship. A good example of this is the Winter War Zone competition. I apologize for mis-labeling my intent.

However, this is not to say that a pure off-season event would be worthless. Though it is BEST season, teams that don’t do BEST could still get together. I suppose this is all fueled by what I see as a lack of communication between the LSR teams. Maybe it’s just my team and we’re out of the loop, I don’t know. It just seems that for all the teams that are located in and around Houston, there would be more communication between the teams than what I have seen thus far.