Texas Offseason Events Attendance

As we approach offseason events many of us are excited to compete this offseason and have some fun. One thing that our team is wondering what the distribution of teams competing at events looks like. If you don’t mind sharing what offseason events does everybody plan on attending. I know that my team 1477 will most likely be hosting the robot remix this coming Fall.


Currently I think 2582 hopes to get an invite to TRI and I think we would like to come to the Remix.

I am not sure we will have the funding or available students to make it to others.


Both TRR and Remix are still looking for dates as far as I know so its hard to confirm if we will be attending either of those.

Spectrum/Photon will be attending TRI, NTX, and likely Red Stick Rumble.

We are still unsure about The Texas Cup, it’s a tough weekend, and expensive.

We’ve also applied for IRI.


I plan for Pearadox to be at tri, trr, ntx, and remix. But we haven’t met to officially plan our off season priorities yet.


2718 is planning to attend NTX (I don’t see updated dates for it on the website, but I spoke with some folks from 1296 in Houston and I believe they said it’s Oct 8-9 in Rockwall.)

Would love to attend TRI since it was so fun last time, but maybe next year once we’ve had a chance to up our game a bit. We’re dedicating our time to recruiting, training, and testing new things this summer. If anything else pops up in Sept/Oct we may be interested in those, though.


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