Texas Robo Expo @ the Capitol

Not too certain where the proper forum is for posting this kind of news so here goes.

The Texas Institute for Educational Robotics, in partnership with State Senator Leticia Van de Putte has organized a week-long exhibition of educational robotic competitions in the basement of the Rotunda. Each day of the week, a different program is represented by various teams and their robots. The Senate has passed a Resolution proclaiming May 4th -8th, 2009 as Educational Robotics Awareness Week in Texas. Governor Rick Perry has also signed a similar proclamation.
The Austin Fox News Station aired two short segments on the expo via live spots during their morning news program on Wednesday. Students and representatives of the MATE-ROV competition operated their ROVs in Ladybird lake. I am not certain how long the link will be active so take a look at the postings of the two live segments online before they disappear.

Robots invade Ladybird Lake Austin, Texas

Disclaimer: Only reason that the two students featured on camera on both my sons is that I don’t have quite the same ability to convince any other students to get up at 4:30 AM to drive up to Austin, Texas to have ROVs ready in time for a 7:00 AM live shoot.:ahh:

Great Job organizing the Robo Expo this week. I wish my kids did not get canceled due to the flu.

We couldn’t go because we were taking AP Exams this week :frowning:

Thanks goes to all who planned and/or were able to attend as an idea such as this doesn’t work at all if no one participates.:smiley:

Picking a week has been difficult both times that I have organized this effort as the Senator would prefer to have a week early in the Legislative session but robots are being constructed and tournaments are taking place all the way from January - April. (Non-Texans take note that we are distrustful of politicians after seven State Constitutions and the most extensively amended current constitution in the US, so we only allow our Legislative branch to meet every other year for just 140 calendar days beginning on the second Tuesday of January.)

The first full week in May seems to be the best date of not many good choices. If you cannot attend the Robo Expo @ the Capitol, then plan a public demonstration of some sort in your local community. Send me an email with how best to send you an electronic copy of the Senate Resolution and Governor Proclamation making this Educational Robotics Awareness week in Texas if you would like a copy for use with your local activities. If I can post copies in the the CD white papers, I will edit this post with a link to the documents.


We wanted to go too, but our school board has banned all out of district trips for the rest of the year.

Prudent Flu precautions has been a real source of difficulty for just about everything related to schools the last few weeks. I am glad that I was not in the position to have to make these kinds of decisions as I would be second guessing myself as the CDC guidance has changed almost daily and now reversed itself regarding school closings.:confused:

It would be great if someone could put up a website dedicated entirely to the celebration of this week. It would be a great way to compile details of all the events that took place in order to celebrate it as well as upcoming events related to it. Plus, it’ll be great that once this becomes a celebration of a bigger magnitude (which I’m sure it will) we can look back in history and see how it all started. I’ve seen similar websites for events regarding engineering awareness week,breast cancer awareness,etc., so thats where I’m getting the idea from.

Just throwing that out there, hope someone agrees with me. :o