Texas Robot Roundup: Lunar Showdown

You are cordially invited to attend the Texas Robot Round-Up : Lunar Shootout. This event is a off-season event for 2009 FIRST robotics teams from the Lunacy Game.
This event should be a great way to kickoff the robotics season and help teach your new students about FIRST Robotics.

Name: Texas Robot Round-Up: Lunar Shootout
Time: Saturday August 15th 9 am - 4 pm
Place: The Woodlands High School (Senior Campus)
6101 Research Forest Drive
The Woodlands, Texas 77381
Registration: $50 minimum donation to “TWHS Robotics” (you can bring your payment to the event)

If your team would like to attend or you want to volunteer,
Send an email to James Tonthat ( [email protected] ) or me ( [email protected] ).

Thank you for your time,
TRR Organizers

Rules are IRI rules.

It maybe modified depending on registration though.

1477 will be coming.

Sounds like fun!

148 was attended this event today and had a great time. On behalf of our team I want to thank everyone who was involved in making this happen.

It was also great to hang out with several of our Texas friends, and make a few new ones. Hopefully this event becomes a tradition! I know I’m going to personally do everything I can to keep the momentum going.

Ohh… and finally partnering with 118 in the eliminations was pretty awesome too.


PS - Parker’s Career Coaching Win Percentage: 100%. JVN’s: not that good.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event happen.

Congrats to team 118 (Robonauts), 148 (Robowranglers), 418 (LASA), 1477 (Northside Roboteers), 2158(AusTin Cans), 2587 (DiscoBots), 2881 (Lady Cans) for coming out and supporting the event.

Check out the results on the Shoot-out webpage.
(I used the VEX tournament manager software to generate the results pages ! )

We should be posting video & pictures soon.

What was the skills challenge?

From the rules on the event page:
Skills Challenge: Robot that scores the most balls in 1:00 Minute

They put 7 balls in each robot. 20 balls in 1 player station. Put 2 empty/dead trailers on the far side of the field. Allowed 1 minute to score as much as possible.

148 pre-loaded the 7 balls. Drove over to Mark who loaded 19 (one bounced out) then drove to one of the trailers and scored 25 balls (one bounced off the center post).

As one of 118’s drivers, I’d like to say it was a blast partnering with 148! :smiley:

I’m glad to hear everyone had a great time. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped organize and run this event!

Flash Gallery (Selected Set)
Downloadable (Small files, Selected Set)
Downloable (Originals files, Complete set)

If you want to download all the pictures on the latter two links, click on the .zip files. I will be updating these links as I gather pictures from our team.

We are going to try to get video & more photos uploaded soon !

Here are photos from the DiscoBots web gallery


Well, I had a great time at this event. It was neat to be able to visit with mentors and parents from the teams and to watch new drive teams form and/or make changes, experimenting and experiencing.

I think that I can safely say that 418 had a blast, judging by the smiles on their faces as we left The Woodlands.

It was a great venue for this event. The organizing committee did a terrific job of putting this together in a very short time. I liked the trophies and how they were made. The behind-the-scenes efforts such as running the concessions all day along with running the event - looked effortless and smooth though I’m sure they were tiring.

Thank you to all the teams who showed up, some traveling from a distance to show support for this effort. Hopefully, it is the beginning of some fun times during the off season months in Texas.


It looks like it was 2X2 - how was your experience with that? Did the robots start in the 4 corners, or did you use the outposts? Were there 4 or 6 payload spec1a11sts?
(I can’t get the video site to come up)

We had to play 2x2 because of the small number of teams at the event. However, 2x2 was much easier to follow as a spectator.

Video has been posted by a hard-working DiscoBot Alumni !

Here’s a video of 148’s skills challenge ! It was quite impressive if you watch the 1 minute count-down.