Texas Robotics Invitational Rules + Team Update #1

TRI 2018 Rules: https://goo.gl/f7MmHX

Email we sent out to all the team today.

**1. Waitlist**
If you will not be attending TRI, please let me know ASAP. 
We have several teams on the wait list that would love to take your place.

**2. TRI 2018 Rules Updates**
Please Read these carefully and email me if you have any questions.
TRI 2018 Rules: [https://goo.gl/f7MmHX](https://goo.gl/f7MmHX)

Special Tournament Rules:  https://goo.gl/y8Wnu5

**3. Payments**
We are still missing payments from multiple teams. 
If we haven't received your payments I'll be sending you a note tonight.

**4. TRI Pre-Event Info & Sign Ups 2018 - ACTION REQUIRED**
All teams should fill out the pre-event info & sign up sheet. 
It gives us an idea of who wants to play in the special tournaments 
and also who will be coming to our Friday night dinner/Celebrations.

**Please Fill it out here: ** https://goo.gl/Xc1hPi

**5. Volunteers and Presenters**
We'd love to have more teams sign up do presentations on Friday. 
Every team does something well what thing do you well that you think 
other teams would like to learn about, sign up and help the community 
grow stronger. 
Volunteer Sign Up - https://goo.gl/xe8LFa
Call for Presenters - https://goo.gl/XPHLkp 

**6.Item Collections**

  - Used Batteries mostly robot batteries but we will take any 
batteries to be recycled with them if you bring them.
  - Children's Books
  - Power Wheels / Ride On Toys - 
One of our fall projects is modifying kids ride on toys to learn be able race
 and demonstrate some our robot technologies. If you have any of these
 cars/trucks etc designed for kids and would like to donate them please 
let us know. We will be getting other schools and groups involved.

Thank You,
Allen Gregory

Just wanted to point out that the TRI rule changes worked very well this weekend. Anyone looking to make changes for an off-season I highly recommend basing them off the TRI rules. They dramatically reduced fouls and cards and allowed the teams/robots to play the game.

Your move Rumble in the Roads!


Average Qual penalty points on the season 19.62,
average Qual penalty points at TRI - 9.76

Starting with the launch rule… I’m swiping parts of that one. (And adding clarification as to what a launch actually is as far as being called.)

Had an offseason back in May that called the launch rule only if the cube left the field, and the robot was in an illegal position. The first part never happened. I think we called 6 penalties of any type all event, and 4 of those were in the final match (offsetting null zone hits as I recall).

I like La Habra’s launching rule better, ref and driver didn’t have to think about how close they are to the plates, just keep it in the field.

No one really had to think about it at TRI either, we just don’t want to encourage robot redesigns for full field launching, etc.

I’d leaving “nearby” as wide open as possible. Remember that the Earth is near the Sun, and all that. (Though the portal-to-switch maneuver, being strategic, I think is a good one to block.)