Texas Robotics Invitational (TRI) - 2020 - July 9-11th

With IRI moving into June, TRI has moved into July for the 2020 season.

The application is open now - http://triapp.spectrum3847.org
Application Deadline is May 8th, 2020. Teams will be notified by May 15th. Some teams will be invited based on their season performance prior to the notification date. We would love to have more out of state teams come compete at TRI this year. If you are out of state and interested in attending, please contact us we can work with you to make it happen.

TRI will be held July 9th-July 11th at Strake Jesuit College Prep and St. Agnes Academy.

Registration for TRI will be $400 per team.

TRI 2020 Team Slide Deck - https://bit.ly/2AZYaIg - includes tons of information about the event.


  • July 9th - Field Setup and Team Load In
  • July 10th - Girl Drive Team Tournament, Practice Matches, Start of Qualification Matches, Celebration
  • July 11th - Full Competition (7-8 Qual matches per team) plus a full playoff bracket.

Helping at the Event

Twitter: @TRIrobots - Facebook: Texas Robotics Invitational

Email: TRI@spectrum3847.org




You’re telling me I can apply for TRI before I can apply for my second event?


Yep, trying to get as far ahead of stuff as possible this year. Also we figure if we can let out of state teams know early it will be easier for them to plan travel.


If we can travel to both Detroit and Houston in the span of a couple of months then you can, too!

TRI is a great event and I highly recommend it. It was a bit of a drive for us to get there - though 8 hours is closer that some places in Texas to Houston! It was well worth the trip and we hope to make it back down next summer.


Reminder that the TRI Application is open - http://triapp.spectrum3847.org

Now that you likely have most of your season schedule set, start getting your off-season schedule in place as well.

4 Teams have applied so far


Reminder that the TRI 2020 Application is open - http://triapp.spectrum3847.org

We are planning to make this the best TRI yet, so apply to be a part of it.

I have been getting a lot of questions about TRI for July 2020. The application is still open and the event space is still reserved. We are still nearly 4 months away from the event.

If you have any interest in coming please apply as soon as possible, as we move closer to the end of April we will make more plans about the number of teams to accept and make a call to go through with the event or not based on the situation and outlook at the time. We also may reschedule the event for later in the year if that becomes the prudent option and we can work with our schools to do it.


TRI Team Update 5/11
Hello, Teams,

TRI is still in a holding pattern due to the ongoing COVID-19 response.

At this point, it is unlikely that our July 9-11th dates will be feasible. However, it is still our goal to hold the event during the late summer or fall if possible. With limited information from FIRST HQ and FIRST in Texas about holding off-season events, we are still unsure if TRI 2020 will happen.

We also understand that many of our teams are unsure if they would be able to participate at this time, especially for those teams that would be traveling from out of state. We will work to provide any information about potential dates as soon as possible once we know anything.

List of applied teams

  • 11
  • 148
  • 323
  • 456
  • 503
  • 1296
  • 1619
  • 2158
  • 2168
  • 2333
  • 2341
  • 2468
  • 2582
  • 2587
  • 2687
  • 2723
  • 2881
  • 3005
  • 3103
  • 3481
  • 3802
  • 4192
  • 4587
  • 4610
  • 4717
  • 5414
  • 5431
  • 5892
  • 5986
  • 6171
  • 6328
  • 6377
  • 6886
  • 8053
  • 8055

Thank You,
Allen Gregory
Director Texas Robotics Invitational


We are leaving the application open for the time being.


We assume that many of the teams that have applied will not be able to attend, especially since we don’t have a set date yet. So if you are interested in attending please feel free to sign up.


Fingers are crossed for a fall event!


I want to confirm with everyone that TRI is canceled for 2020. With HQ announcing that they are replaying Infinite Recharge for 2021 and the lack of support for fields and electronics, it no longer seems reasonable that we could hold a quality event even if we thought it could be done safely (which we don’t think it could be for the foreseeable future anyway).

With that being said, we had our most geographically diverse TRI application pools in the event’s history this year and we really hope many of our first-time applicants will reapply next year. We are excited to see all of you again at future FIRST events and hope everyone is staying safe.


6672 was planning on applying until this whole situation happened. :frowning: We are looking forward to next year!!!

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