Texas Teams - How have Time Limits Impacted You?

I’m the 1296 teacher and I came on just as @Katie_UPS left.

I make sure to very strictly adhere to UIL rules. I do not ever want someone coming in to blame robotics for non-compliance, especially since we have both us and 3310 (who also adheres very strictly to the time limits) operating out of the same facility.

We’ve never had anyone breathing down our necks about meeting times, but we’ve never given them reason to either.


Sure, a larger team will almost always have advantages over a smaller one. My thought was, if your team is large enough that your teams are made up of distinct members, then something like [Mon: Design, Tues: Manuf., Wed: Controls, Thu: Scouting] makes it easy to insure compliance and still get stuff done. Contrast with a team where kids are on 2,3,4,+ teams because of small numbers. Seems you are a lot more like to run into “We need Chris tonight, but they are out of hours”

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Do the rules change if the team is not affiliated with a school and a community team? Example how dose the state deal with AAU Basketball. More curious cause seeing kids move away from school sports if actually serious about the sport.

Texas is weird because private schools are part of TAPPS not UIL (with a few exceptions). So, we have no obligation to comply with UIL rules and restrictions. The same is true for community teams not competing for the UIL championship.


We aren’t in the uil so technically the rules don’t apply. Although we do only have 6 hours of meetings during the week, the lab is open for about 12. Luckily 9/10 people end up spending less than 8 hours a week and it really isn’t an issue getting people to balance school/robotics/social.

How does this work with the DCMP? Since it doubles as the UIL state championship right?

It doesn’t impact the event. If a TAPPS/ independent team wins the DCMP they still get the points and blue banner, etc… If their alliance partners are UIL the partners basically get called back up for another award to receive their UIL championship medals and trophy.

I guess it’s also technically possible that no UIL team wins a state championship in a given year if the DCMP champs are all private / independent teams --but I wouldn’t put money on that situation happening.

Correction: next post explains how the state champion is defined by points


I think that’s how they originally did it, but the process changed to the top 3 UIL-eligible teams based on district points after district champs.

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