Texas Torque presents: Offset

Team 1477 is proud to present our 2023 robot: Offset.



I love everything. The robot, the name, the song. It’s all there. Instant classic for me


In the kitchen, wrist twistin’ like it’s stir-fry (Whip it!)

Awesome robot, 1477. As a huge Migos fan, I love the music choice, the robot name, and how they tie together. We’ve seen a number of robots already that have offset double or triple-jointed arms but seeing a hybrid diagonal elevator with an arm whipping around is very cool.

I’m so glad we’re getting divergence in robot design and in reveal video music selection this year. It’s been a little tiring seeing the same COTS designs and copyright-free EDM songs over the last few years.


Offset :cook:t4:

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Offset has completed its two district events and is happy to have qualified for the FIT DCMP next week. Here are some photos of it in action. Y’all Forkin?


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