Text wrapping


Is there any way to fix this on mobile? Sometimes I end up having a topic take up like 50% of my home screen because the column ends up wrapping so long.


What phone, OS, and browser? Doesn’t do it in my iPhone SE in with iOS 12.1.2 in safari.


might also look at the browser settings, there are some adjustments you can make. Or try a different browser, I have three of them on my phone, chrome, opera, and firefox, different ones work better on different sites.


Chrome on a Pixel 2.


Weird … I’m not seeing that on my Pixel 3 XL or Pixel 2 view on Chrome Developer mode. Is anybody else seeing it like that?


It shows similarly for me on Chrome on windows.


What view are you guys on? Home page or a category? New, Top, Latest, etc.


Latest, all categories home.


Mine does it if I shrink the size of the window in Windows 10.

Here it is full width:

Why do only certain posts display something in the second column?


That one probably shows because it’s pinned.

If you’re resizing, I believe the interface won’t go into fully responsive/mobile without a full browser refresh.

If you refresh once resized, does it fit better?


Nope, same issue.


If I switch to desktop view in my phone, then it doesn’t wrap.