Thank Some Peeps

I had some thanks that I felt were in order that I’ve been thinking about for awhile. I want to lead this out by saying that my team mentors are amazing and they deserve to be recognized as well, so thank you guys so much! The specific thanks I have, I didn’t really have a great way to give out. I figured publicly thanking these people on CD was about as good an option as any.

The first person I want to recognize is Allen Gregory IV. This man is great. Very quickly after meeting him at Hub City last year it was apparent to me that he knew what he was doing and that his team really looked up to him. My own team lacks a head mentor so it was great for me to see how he was able lead his team. In addition to being an awesome mentor, he’s also just a super friendly guy and one of the first people I turn to if I have a question about something. Spectrum also does pretty sweet stuff (like that design sheet they just released). So thank you Allen for showing me just how great an FRC mentor can be.

The second person is someone I’ve never met in person, (although I look forward to doing so this season) Mike Corsetto. I sent Mike an email over the summer asking him about something, (I think how 1678 went from never winning an event before 2011 to competing on Einstein 5 years in a row) I honestly didn’t really expect a response, but Mike replied quickly and with more details than I even asked for. I have since sent Mike a number of emails asking about all kinds of things and he’s always quick and willing with his responses. So thanks Mike for always being willing to help out some random kid you’ve never met.

Alright, it’s everyone else’s turn now. Thank some peeps you’ve been meaning to but just haven’t got around to yet.

Ditto. So willing to respond quickly and help. Though I feel that can go for anyone (including students) on their team. He was just the first person that came to mind when I wanted to ask 1678 about a design decision they made.

I’ll use this thread to give some major kudos to Jared Russell. His posts on CD about the controls on 254 and 341 have been heavy inspiration for 225’s controls (and I know many, many other teams as well) since 2014’s Cheesy Vision. For me personally, he also showed me how to close an event win at the first event I ever coached back in 2013 when we were lucky enough to pair with 341.

+1 for Allen Gregory

He and his team do so much for the FIRST community, much of it behind the scenes. They just hosted an FLL Tournament this past Saturday. They host FRC events in the competition season and afterward. They have hosted “bumper build” sessions to help new teams get past inspection. They have hosted all sorts of workshops over the years on specific technical topics as well as for rookie coaches. I am sure all the outreach activities they do reflect well on the rest of the robotics community too.

I’d like to thank everybody I’ve volunteered with in the last two years. You guys know who you are. I’ve learned more at every event and it’s been a fun journey.

Can’t not thank the amazing folks from teams local and afar that I’ve been able to interact with. Every time I meet another person I gain additional knowledge and perspective, for which I am thankful.

I’d like to thank Mr Baggins for doing a lot of leg work with the JeVois camera. It’s an amazing device and I really think it’s got the potential to enable a lot of new teams to use vision in FRC. I think his work is going to be cornerstone for other teams going forward. So thanks dude!!!

I would like to thank the standard peep for being a consistently available marshmallowy snack, the bunny peep for heralding the coming of spring with it’s fluffy sugary goodness, and finally I would like to thank any peep that get’s put into a microwave, purely for the entertainment value.

(On a more serious note I would like to thank the CD Mods who do their best to keep this site a place of thoughtful discussion and useful information. Thanks ya’ll!)

I’d like to thank the awesome volunteers in FIRST, especially FIRST in upstate NY (where I’ve spent most of my time in FIRST) for working really hard to put on great events. Our volunteer crews from top-to-bottom are professional and committed to the team experience. (@Dante you’re the best head ref <3 )

I’m grateful to teams that bring extra parts and support to events for the sole purpose of helping other teams. When we need a replacement motor in the next ten minutes, and our opponent lends us one, that’s what reminds me what this program is all about.

Finally, my gratitude goes to FIRST’s suppliers who put in effort to make awesome COTS parts available to the FIRST community and make low-resource builds like HYPE’s possible.

I would like to thank Matt, Matt, Mark, Bates, and Derek for being the best group of FTAs in the world. They work their butts off and it shows. There is no better place to attend an event than in New England, thanks to their efforts.

Preach (and I’m not even in NEFIRST)!


TLDR: This is a long list suitable to acceptance of an Academy Award. If you don’t want to read that much, skip to the next paragraph when you hit a colon.

I have to thank the young man who introduced me to FRC, founded 3946, and drew me in - my son, Gixxy.

All the sponsors!: Sponsors of FIRST, sponsors of BLAST/FLAMS, and sponsors of 3946 who have funded everything. Particular shoutouts to TEXTRON, our only major sponsor in every year for seven years now, NASA, and NDEP/DoDSTEM.

The mentors and coaches of 3946, particularly: Jesse, Larry, Jeff, Wendy, Shannon, Lester, Bruce, Bob, Jim, Ray, Eric, Elizabeth, and Travis - and most particularly Isaac, who (I fear) burned himself out keeping the team alive through a rough spot.

The village known as Chief Delphi: Brandon, Al, Russ, Jason, Sam, Ed, Billfred, Karthik, Andy, Madison, Sam, Paul, Richard, Mike C., Dr. Joe, JVN, Libby, and many many others - your examples as mentors and activists and students have taught me so much about what it means to be a part of the FIRST movement, as well as passing on a wealth of technical info along the way.

And last, but most important! The students of 3946 through the years - I find that they do at least as good a job of inspiring me as I do them. Particular shoutouts (roughly in time order) to: Victorija, Alef, Brandy, Allister, Joey, Taylor, Shannon, Kaylee, Jonathan, Taylor, Tiffany, Mike, Jackson, Trystan, Veronica, Perry, Matt, Mary Ellen, Bri, Leevi, Ethan, Evrett, Josh, Anthony, Chris, Christian, Riley, Audrey, Angel, Myrio, Garret. I’m leaving some out, I know - in addition to several rookies who are about to join the list.

Huge thanks to Mark McLeod for everything he does tracking registration and team statistics each year.

And also big Thank You to the entire team at The Blue Alliance. You all are awesome.

Thanks to Jaci for her hard work on the very helpful software tools she has written, such as PathFinder and GradleRIO.

Thanks to Karthik for the succinct answer “standard deviation” during his 2012 talk in St. Louis. That answer got a chuckle, but it was an epiphany that started us down a new approach to competitions as a whole - including finding the edge we needed to stand out for a our first ever WCMP elims appearance.

I’d like to thank my Mom for believing in me.

Also I’d like to thank all of the teams that release CAD files of their robots. Being able to pick apart the robots and look at them part by part has helped me understand how other minds work and has allowed my creative juices to flow more.

But seriously, especially if you were ever a student in FIRST, thank your parents for allowing you to participate in this wonderful program!