Thank you 1538, 1649 and 176!

Warning: Long post!
On behalf of Team 1503, the GM Spartonics, I would like to extend a huge thank-you to teams 1538, 1649 and 176 for being amazing alliance partners. I have individual thanks given below.

To 1538; The Holy Cows

Cows, you guys were simply amazing this weekend. You built an outstanding, and very capable robot. You guys played amazingly well, all weekend. It was really fun playing that last match of the quals against you guys, it sure was a lot of fun.

Every little part of your team showed excellence, and extreme competence. Every time I spoke to one of your team members, I had nothing but great things to speak of afterwards. Your team is a class act. It was an honor to play with a team that is for sure a role model for other FIRST teams.

I hope you guys make it into IRI, you definitely deserve to go play with the best of the best.

To 1649; EMS

You folks over at EMS also built one heck of a robot, it sure was fun to watch you guys all weekend. According to our scouting data, through the qualifications you guys scored the second most balls on average, second only to 1114. Averaging just over 15 balls a match, we knew you were going to be a force to reckon with. As far as we were concerned, we were quite surprised that a team of your caliber was not picked much earlier, in the 1st round.

Stuff breaks, we know it well. It can happen to anybody, and usually does at some point. It was unfortunate for it to happen at a major time of need, and we didn’t want to call in a backup, because you guys did a fantastic job of playing defense, whereas you are usually a major scoring robot. It was heartbreaking, and I know you guys were really disappointed in the call, but we really appreciate that you guys were good sports about it.

It was a pleasure to work with you. I hope to see you guys in the future, and who knows; we could end up together once again. It was an honor to have you on this amazing alliance, you sure were awesome.

To 176; Aces High

Aces, you guys were consistently awesome all weekend long. I know, it sucks not to make the eliminations, which, in my opinion, you guys should have. You guys proved you were a force to contend with every match, playing exceptionally well with a high level of class.

As being the top seeded robot to miss eliminations, you were asked to be ready if a backup was needed. When we were in need, you guys jumped at the chance and were more than ready. This was extremely helpful, and well, it was just awesome. It was an honor to play with you, we couldn’t have asked for a better backup. We hope to play with you more in the future!

P.S. Can the blond haired driver/HP from 1538 please PM me? I heard his name, but I’m terrible with names. I wanted to arrange that swap we were talking about.

On behalf of 1649, I want to thank you guys for picking us as alliance partners for some of the best matches we have ever been a part of. We were honored to have your confidence.

As you said, stuff breaks… and for us it was very disappointing to have a whole season with no major problems at all, and then have the same issue take us down twice during the eliminations. We know it was a very hard decision for you guys to bring in the back-up, but given the same set of circumstances on the field, we probably would have made the same call.

Your team led this alliance with a set of skill, focus, drive and gracious professionalism that should be an example to all of us. We look forward to seeing Spartonics, the Holy Cows and Aces High again in the future.

Big Thanks to 1503 for calling us in. I only wish we had more time to think about the match before playing, we made a strong group and had a good chance of winning the match. Its always a good weekend when you get to play after lunch on Saturday!

Holy Cow, it seems everybody from 1538 has dropped off of CD… I’m still looking to hear from their base driver about that swap we talked about :slight_smile:


EDIT: Since posting this, a few members have just shown up :slight_smile:

Nick thank you for the very kind words. You hit all the things our team strives to be. It was an honor and pleasure to play with you guys in the elims. Thanks a lot for picking us. It looks like we will hopefully be playing with you again at IRI. I saw that you got in are you all planning on going? If you shoot me an email ([email protected]) I will connect you with our human player. Thanks again and we hope to see you in Ind.