Thank you 1584 and 2036! (Colorado Regional Champs!)

On behalf of team 1540, I’d like to thank teams 1584 and 2036 for being awesome alliance partners on the 4th alliance.

For general reference, team 1584 is a 5 (Yes, 5 total) member team from a tiny town with a population of 5000 people, and a high school of 200. They went into the season with one goal, and one goal only, create an awesome defensive robot that could shut down any offense, and clear balls. During the eliminations, they held our opponents to only about 2 pts on average, even when double teamed.

Team 2036 kept the balls flowing to the offensive zone, and came up to help us score. Together, we went from a #4 alliance, to regional champs, unseating the #1 team of 1592, 399 and 1977 (Kudos to that alliance as well, they dominated throughout the tournament!)

Without these partners, Team 1540 would be nothing. Thanks to you, as well as to all of our gracious hosts in Colorado for making the trip one that us Oregonians will never forget!

PS. Congratulations to Team 1583 for their Chairman’s victory! They lead the crowds in cheers and supported our alliances throughout, even though we elimination rounds. We could only bring 13 members to Denver, and their cheering really bolstered our team!

On behalf of team 2240 I would love to say Congratulations you guys were amazing!!! Have a great time in Atlanta

Every year I tell my team that one of the best things about FIRST is the friends that they will make. This year we’re proud to add all of you on 1540 to our list of friends. When you guys beat us, 662 and 159 in the quarter finals we knew there was no stopping your awesome alliance. See you in Atlanta in a few weeks.

Not only do the students make lifelong friends Chuck! Congrats to Team 1583!

Hi. Team 1584 here. I was just searching Google, and found this post. Thanks for the kind words! Our hats off to you for your scouting capability, to pick a 21st seed team! We’re looking forward to seeing you in about 18 hours–safe travels! By the way, the town population here is only 1,300, but the area within about 20 mile diameter has 5,000 people. :slight_smile:

Hey, wow, sorry we didn’t see and respond to this earlier! I was just goofing off on Chief Delphi, and saw this thread.

Yeah, 1540, 2036, and 1584 made an awesome alliance in Colorado! My favorite way to describe our win is, “With 1540 Flaming Chickens, 1584 Pirates, and 2036 Black Nights, how could we lose?”

However, I can see we have to step it up in order to compete in the future at Championships. Even our excellent Colorado Alliance would have been challenged by most of the semi-finalists. We also can’t forget to pull out a safety pin before the match, which prevents us from doing the most important thing, which is kicking the balls into our offense. Dumb!

So, should our teams start now, planning our swarm robot alliance for 2011, where 3 to 6 robots and teams are designed to complement each other perfectly? I bet out of the top 10 seeds 5 would be in there. A good strategy should win the regional, and then do really well in St. Louis.

Rambotics, your Chairman’s Award in Denver, and the Judges Award at the Championships are awesome. Lots of people thank you for being an inspiration! We’d love to work with and learn from you guys anytime!

It’s a bummer it will be so long before our teams hang out again!

Team 1584

Ah, I DID respond earlier, but didn’t think it posted. I now see it–sorry!