Thank You 1902 and 1319

1902: You guys amaze me. You build great, simple robots and this year is no exception. You were very quick and consistent when scoring. Your enthusiasm is infectious. You handle yourselves better than anyone.
George, thanks for putting up with my constant nagging and questioning. You helped keep my head on straight.

1319: I was thrilled when you were still available in the draft. You had one of the best hybrid bots there. You guys could do it all and were more than willing to do whatever it took.

It takes a real alliance to get as far as we did. Everyone played awesome and really gave everything they had.

To my own team, this is the proudest I’ve been in my many years in FIRST. Everything really came together this weekend and just in time.

173: You’re bot could take a lot of heat, and it could dish out even more! You guys were always open to new ideas (even silly prematch dances and poses) which unfortunately is sometimes lacking in an alliance captain. Thank you!

It was a pleasure to coach with you. I look forward to teaming up with you again in the future.

You weren’t the only one! These guys were one of my favorite Galileo hybrids going into the weekend, and they did nothing to make me think otherwise by lunch on Saturday.

I’d also like to send a quick “Thank you!” to every random person who yelled “Oink, oink, BOOM!” back at us this weekend, even the guy who yelled it to me in the bathroom (a little creepy, but appreciated nonetheless). It puts a smile on my face every time I hear it.

Team 173: Ever since my first FIRST competition (2002 Championships) I have been amazed by the machines you put out onto the field and it was awesome to get the chance to work with you.

I’d also like to thank Jeff for not only listening to our input on strategy throughout the eliminations but also going out of his way to come over to us in the stands to ask for our input into who to select in the second round.

Team 1319: As George said you guys where on our list from the very begining of the competition and I have heard nothing but good things about your team in the past so we were jumping out of our seats when it came around to our pick and you were still available.

Excellent alliance you guys, you played on each others strengths perfectly to form one amazing alliance, congrats to you all. Thanks for making the Galileo division proud.

Thank you 173 for choosing us and 1319 playing with us. I had a great time talking to your adult mentors. All of you were very patient with us as we struggled with our arm. We ended up replacing three banebot motors on our arm during finals and Einstein (arm only has two so we replaced one twice), all in record time.

I felt so good we survived Galileo with an arm that was wounded. It made it hard for our drivers and messed up our auto mode.

BTW ask George about his funny story when judges said it was time and he said we were ready and walked out to the field with the judge thinking “I sure hope the robot is behind me.”

When we put the bot on the field we had no idea if the arm was wired correctly and would work. It did work and I think delivered on auto that time.

THANK YOU! team 173 for selecting us for your alliance. We were thrilled to be a part of this amazing alliance. Thank you, 1902, for playing so well with us! We wish you all continued success as you plan for next season. Maybe we will all meet again someday to repeat the success of this great alliance.

No, the pleasure was TOTALLY ours. When we won the division I was…Speechless, I guess you could say. :stuck_out_tongue:

By far the best I’ve seen. Maybe next year. ;D