Thank You 236 And 782

Team 157 would like to say a big THANKS to teams 236 and 782 for looking past our bad luck friday and some of saturday and seeing what our drivers and robot was capable of doing. THANK YOU

Killawattz and Aztechs - you guys rule!!

I don’t think that anyone could argue that the finals at the New England Regional were INTENSE. Thanks again to 782 for choosing the Ticks - Funny Dance and All, and Thanks to those Aztechs for batting Clean-up and rounding off a powerful aliance.

175, 176, and 177 - The Ultimate UTC Alliance
Thanks for an exciting finals. Buzz - you continue to show why you earned the 2002 National Chairman’s award.

571, 173 and 809 - By far the alliance that most fear into the other alliances. RAGE - Congratulations on the Imagery and Web Design Awards.

GaelHawks 230 - UTC New England Regional Chairman’s Award Winners!!! What else needs to be said! You are model team for the rest of us to strive to emulate. Keep driving for excellence.

Team 236 - Techno Ticks

ya def. 571, 173, and 809. Best and most feared alliance. You guys did great.

175, 176, and 177 also a well pair alliance

Team 236, the Techno Ticks (funny dance people), would like to thank our alliance partners team 157 and team 782 for everything. Team 175, 177, and 176, I agree the ULTIMATE alliance. 571, 173, and 177 chills. Thanks for the awesome competition and we look forward to seeing everybody in Houston.


Umm… We were paired with 809, 571 not 177.

I am sorry for that mistake, I was looking at it wrong, anyways you guys kicked. Again… sorry!

236 & 157 - Thank you so much! You guys were absolutely incredible, definitely the best alliance partners ever! 157 - I was shocked that you guys didn’t get picked earlier, and I’m very happy that you weren’t. I guess we’ll see you in Houston :slight_smile:

YOU GUYS ALL RULE! Considering we had the pick of the litter, Gabe you made some great decisions, and without you we wouldn’t be where we are.

157 & 236, all I can say is THANK YOU! I hope this leads to a lasting “FIRST Friendship”.



Wow, thanks for all the recognition teams! You guys, amidst it all, did an excellent job… and I must say it feels good to know that the alliance we were defeated by went forward to take it all… Killowatz, your journey is a definite indicator that you earned this regional championship! Good luck in the future :slight_smile:

…and they say gracious professionalism is dead!

If anything there’s too much GP as I’m getting a little sick of thanking/congratulating/otherwise staring in awe at people. I think we owe a personal thanks to teams: 157, 236, 173, 175, 176, 19. 38, 571, 155, and basically everyone else involved with the regional, and I think thats pretty $@#$@#$@#$@# cool.